Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Czech Republic is one win away of denying both Ghana and the US their rights to play in the second round, considering the US is playing Italy later today. Chances of the US beating Italy are slim, but not maybe as slim as Ghana beating the Czech Republic. A win for Ghana would shake group E of its foundation.
The game is a shocker straight from the start. Ghana attacks and has a corner kick in the first minute. The keeper of the Czech Republic can fist it out, everything seems ok for the Czechs.
However, the ball rebounds to a free striker of Ghana, nine meters of the goal. He sends the ball low over the grass to the far right post, to far for the keeper.


The Ghana world cup dream explodes back into life.
"A huge goal for Ghana, but a big goal for the US as well," says the commentator. He is right, a win for Ghana will make US victory over Italy, later today, bring back the dream to the US.
Ghana is dominant, outplaying a shocked Czech Republic who cannot find a grip on the game. It takes eleven minutes of play before we see the fist organized attack on Ghana's goal. A striker of the Czech Republic accepts a fast pass, only twelve meters from target. He strikes the ball with a quick touch, using the momentum. The keeper of Ghana saw it coming, it is a comfortable catch.
The Czech Republic remains struggling, while Ghana develops as the game setter.
"Ghana continues the look dangerous, when they have the ball," says the commentator.
I think they must be going nuts, in Ghana.They are living the dream. The game heats up, and both team create chances. The game seems closer and closer to a second goal, from who is difficult to say. My money is on Ghana as they still lead when the referee blows the halftime whistle.
The Czech Republic opens the second half with a hard header into the back of the net, only the offside flag was raised.
"What a great counter sequence,” shouts the commentator while Ghana plays the ball within second over the length of the field.
"Could be the save of the day," calls the commentator the dive the keeper of the Czech Republic has to make to stump the ball wide to the right of the goal.
"frustration grows in for the Czech Republic," says the commentator while five strikers playing the ball forward for the Czech Republic is not enough to score an equalizer.
In the 64th minute drama feeds the dream.

The referee rewards a dive of a striker of Ghana with a penalty. Confusion arises, as the ref issues a red for the foul while Ghana takes the penalty and fires the ball into the net.
No goal awarded though, only a yellow for taking the penalty to early.
Ghana strikes the ball hard of the left post in the do-over of the penalty. The score remains the same, and both teams are fueled up. The danger swifts back and forward, fans of the stand urging the Czech Republic.
Ghana gains the hearts of many of the 'neutrals' on the stands, and the atmosphere heats up.
So does the game on the field. Many souls in Ghana will experience how nerve-racking the path to the dream is.
Nevertheless, it arrives in the 82nd minute when three strikers outplay the Czech defense on a quick counter.
"A deathly finish," says the commentator.

The Czech Republic, now playing with ten men, crumbles under the pressure. Ghana fires, trying for a third goal, and the world is watching the miracle.
The Czech Republic nearly finds back it honors with two good strikes in the last minute, however history is written when the ref blows his whistle. Ghana puts itself on the map, tonight the dream of the World Cup lives in Africa.

Hats off, to Ghana.